Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets

Some business advantages are too valuable to expose to the public in a patent application. Unlike other forms of IP, your trade secrets never expire as long as you maintain their secrecy. In every state, the law requires that trade secret owners use “reasonable measures” of security to protect their trade secrets. So what are the reasonable measures of security needed for your business? The answer is different in every situation. We’ve been there before. We can assist you in defining and practicing appropriate security measures through your building security, electronic systems security, employee security and all other situations which may otherwise expose your valuable information. 

Additionally, your customer lists, pricing strategies, bills of materials, strategic suppliers and other economic information can also be secured as trade secrets. We can help with employee procedures and policies that protect your information and prevent any departing employees from leaving with any information that does not belong to them. We often prepare separation agreements, and non-compete agreements that secure your valuable information during sensitive employee transitions into and out of your company.

For joint ventures and unsolicited product proposals, we can protect your business through carefully crafted non-disclosure agreements. Our agreements are not simply a form agreement with blanks to fill. We customize each agreement according to your business objectives.

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