Legal Aspects of Doing Business in the United States

This publication, approximately fifty pages in length, is intended to be a type of road map or guideline that highlights many of the key legal issues that need to be considered when considering doing business in the U.S. It even describes and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the various ways of entering the U.S. market, from agency, distribution, and license agreements to joint ventures, acquisitions, and Greenfield startups.

Product Liability Preventive Management

One of the firm’s specialties is product liability preventive management. This is a system developed by the firm to help clients plan in advance, in order to avoid product liability problems when doing business in the United States. The time to avoid product liability problems is before claims are brought, not afterward. With a few simple steps, product liability problems can be avoided. Do not forget, having insurance is shortsighted and ineffective in protecting against long-term product liability issues.

Recent Developments in Intellectual Property Law

This publication highlights some of the recent developments and trends in intellectual property law. It is clear that courts today are protecting the intellectual property rights of inventors much more than ever before. Courts are recognizing the inherent value of intellectual property and stopping copiers. Even those that have not filed or received formal intellectual property protection under U.S. Federal law can still be afforded intellectual property rights through such things as the trade dress of their products, namely, the look and feel of the goods. This would include color, style, size, shape, etc.

Primer for Multimedia Companies

For foreign companies considering entering the multimedia industry in the United States, there are a number of critical steps that must be taken in order to reduce the risk of legal problems. These include protecting trademarks, domain names, confidentiality agreements, etc. 

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