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Thorelli & Associates combines a broad range of expertise (with four lawyers located in the Chicago, Illinois) in the fields of intellectual property law, product liability preventive management, acquisitions, corporate law, contract negotiation, and immigration, all with small-firm attention to detail to create tailored legal solutions for our clients.

We specialize in working with small to medium size European companies doing business in the U.S. We help European companies understand the distinction between the way lawyers are used in Europe and the U.S. and take preventive action to help reduce the risk of prospective legal problems. In Europe, lawyers are contacted only when there is a problem that the company cannot resolve on its own. In the U.S., conversely, lawyers are engaged at a very early stage of negotiations in order to not only minimize the risk of legal problems, but also maximize the acquisition of legal rights. If a foreign company does not adopt the same approach, it will be at a distinct disadvantage.

We help clients to negotiate confidentiality and non-use, sales, agency, representative, distribution and license agreements; joint ventures and acquisitions; register trademarks; organize companies; secure visas; specific dispute resolution services including litigation nationwide; and help companies minimize the risk of product liability problems.

Thomas H. Thorelli

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