More than all other IP, patents require early engagement with an experienced attorney. With early engagement we can help to secure a complete record of the invention and keep the invention out of public view until a patent application is ready for filing. Following the enactment of the America Invents Act, the US has become a “first to file” jurisdiction. It no longer matters which applicant was first to conceive or reduce an invention to practice. Now, whoever files their application first will have priority.  We are prepared to assist you at each step in the process. 

We never lose sight of the big picture – how your patents enhance your business. We write patent claims that not only describe your technology, but also protect the means through which your technology will generate revenue. We keep your market and your competition in mind at all times. It is simply not enough to describe the invention well. 

Have you received an angry letter demanding payment and threatening patent infringement litigation? We know how to respond in a way that discourages patent trolls and patent assertion entities without entangling your business in expensive defense litigation. 

Are you making a substantial investment in a new product line for the US market? We can perform a search of Patent Office records and advise you of existing patents which may present a threat. With an early warning, products can be redesigned to avoid infringement, or a license can be negotiated without litigation. 

While it is often best to avoid litigation, we also know from experience how to fight in the courtroom. Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, our decades of patent litigation experience give your business a strategic advantage. We fight to obtain your business objectives. This means that we avoid unnecessary distractions or legal gamesmanship which costs additional money without producing additional value.

When contracts are being prepared, we can step in to ensure that you are granting or receiving the necessary patent rights to perform the work. When you are hiring new technical staff, we can prepare employment agreements that secure the rights to any employee inventions for the exclusive ownership of your business. Whatever your patent needs, we can help.

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Received An Angry Letter? We Can Help.