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Acquisitions & Agreement Negotiation

The firm has a robust mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) practice, mostly representing foreign companies acquiring U.S.-based targets. Another major practice area of the firm for over three decades has been the drafting and negotiating of commercial contracts.  Thorelli prides itself on protecting our client’s interests and counseling our clients on issues about which they were previously unaware.

Corporate Law

We assist clients in assessing and minimizing legal risk of their U.S. investment through establishing the appropriate organizational structure. How a company addresses corporate law issues will profoundly impact the exposure to liability of a company doing business in the U.S. It is imperative to appropriately organize matters from the start or it may cost substantially more for legal counsel to fix it later.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is becoming increasingly important given the soaring litigation costs in the U.S. A strategic approach to resolving disputes early can reduce the likelihood of having to litigate the dispute in court. Whether you are just planning to do business in the U.S., or are already involved in a dispute, we can assist with your dispute resolution needs.

Business Immigration Law

We advise clients regarding U.S. immigration strategy by simplifying visas for temporary and permanent employment in the U.S. We carefully prepare and file visa petitions and have successfully handled hundreds of both temporary non-immigrant work visa petitions and permanent residence visa petitions.

Intellectual Property

US Intellectual Property (IP) law is a core practice at Thorelli. Our attorneys have decades of hands-on experience with patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We can help you at all phases of the IP journey, and whatever your IP need, we’ve been there before.

Product Liability Preventive Management

Product liability preventive management reviews conducted by our office are completed to assist our clients in identifying actions that they can take to limit their exposure to large product liability awards.

About Thorelli & Associates

Thorelli & Associates offers over forty years of experience in the legal representation of businesses and individuals, with particular emphasis in assisting European interests in the United States.

The firm provides an array of services, including Acquisitions & Agreement Negotiation, Corporate Law issues, Dispute Resolution, Business Immigration Law, Intellectual Property (including Patents, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, and Copyright Protection), and Product Liability Preventive Management.

All of this is done with small-firm attention to detail to create tailored legal solutions for our clients.


Thorelli & Associates has a variety of publications available as pdf’s to help assist you with your business needs.

Topics include the legal aspects of doing business in the United States, development and trends in Intellectual Property law, and product liability problems.


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